10 Bizarre Facts About Catacombs of Paris

Introduction: The Catacombs of Paris. Are you interested to learn new daring but exciting facts about the former underground quarries of Tombe-Issoire in Montrouge, in the outskirts of Paris? In today’s article, we shall be revealing some rather interesting information about this incredible and fascinating tourist destination. Read on for more exciting information…

I don’t about you, but graveyards give me the creeps! They are some of the strangest and creepiest places on the planet. So, I ask, what scarier than your typical graveyard? I’ll tell you what! It’s the world’s largest graveyard that houses the remains of millions of Parisian’s corpses and is located directly underneath France’s capital.

Yeah! You read that right, the creepy catacombs of Paris are located just beneath the city of love, fashion and beautiful culture, Paris. Thousands of people troop in every year to visit this beautiful city of love, fashion, romance, and culture, but very few are aware of the dark secrets that are hidden under its street.

But, we will be revealing some of those secrets to you our dear reader today. Some of which, will leave you absolutely bewildered and breathless.

All You Need To Know About Catacombs of Paris

1. Not all Part of the Catacombs is Allowed to be Visited

The first incredible, yet creepy fact about the catacombs is that not all parts of this underground cemetery are open to visitors. The tunnels span over hundreds of miles, but only about a mile of it is allowed to be visited by people. The remaining areas are considered unsafe and therefore, restricted to visitors.


2. The Catacombs has a Number of Secret Passages that Leads Inside

Like every other creepy graveyard, and hunted castles you see in horror movies, the catacombs have a number of secret passages to the tunnel, many manholes also have access to this place.



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