10 Most Expensive Watches in the World

1. Breguet Antique Number 2667 ($4.5 Million)

Starting our list of 10 most expensive watches in the world comes the Breguet Antique Number 2667 priced at $4.5 million. Based on the chronometer resonance, this pocket watch comes with two movements and dates way back in 1814.



2. Louis Moinet Meteoris ($4.6 Million)

Next up at number 2 comes Louis Moinet Meteoris, fetching a price of $4.6 million.

This limited edition of timepiece comes with a Tourbillon Mars dial that features a hand-crafted fragment of the Jiddat al Harasis 479 meteorite, which is an authentic piece of the planet Mars that fell on Earth. The meteorite which is 180 million years old is 15 times costlier than the current price of gold. The ‘octopus spring’ of the winding and the setting mechanism takes centre stage in this prized beauty.



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