10 Professions that are here to stay despite the technology

1. Chief executive officer

Leadership is a quality that is made up of several aspects such as good decision making, hard work as well as smart work, team effort, motivation, to name a few. No matter how much the technology develops, it is highly unlikely for a machine to perform these activities on a day to day basis as these vary according to the situation. There may be devices that will help CEOs perform better but machines can never replace the creativity and unique thinking abilities possessed by man, making it a job that is here to stay despite the advent of technology.


2. It professionals and system admins

While technology indeed will update itself and make things easier, it cannot do all of that by itself. Technology requires a man to come up with new innovations to make its program better. It also needs IT managers or even system administrators to solve the malfunctions that make be caused in its coding. The most secure job right now is that of IT professionals as without them there will be no improvement in automation.



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