10 Things To Do in the Morning to Make Your Day Better

1. Visualize how you want your day to be before getting out of bed

Start your day with intention. Fold your hands before they can reach your phone and make you dive straight into the virtual world. Instead, start with a few “I want” and “I will” statements- “I want to finish that project today”, “I will go to the gym today”, or “I will catch up with so and so today”. This gives your day a purpose. It sets you on a more focused and productive path.


2. Meditate for 10 minutes

Adding meditation in your morning routine may seem a waste of time to many. I mean, you barely make it on time to work and now this jibber-jabber about taking out time for meditation. Impossible!

But once you get over this and incorporate guided meditation and spend a few minutes before starting your morning, you will see the sense in it. Once you are out of your door, you are just trying to catch up with the daily hustle-bustle of life. It makes sense to sit back, relax and get in touch with your breath. Calm your mind before you get on with your day and you’ll have more energy.




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