10 Weirdest beauty trends from the past that you never knew about

1. Calves better than abs?

In the modern world, women’s legs are really admired, but way back in the medieval times and all the way up to the 18th century, it was men’s calves that got all the attention. In fact, men used to wear stockings, so that they could show off their muscular, chiseled calves. Some even went further and used padding to make their calves look more muscular! King Henry VIII was well-known for his calves. We wonder if it was all-natural or padding!



2. Beaty patches were considered classy

Way back in the eighteenth century, the trend of women wearing makeups started. They also began wearing beauty patches, which are small fabric pieces that were applied on the face. These beauty patches came in several shapes and sizes, where the most prominent ones were stars, squares, and circles. Not only that, the placement of these beauty patches had a particular meaning as well. For instance, applying a beauty patch on your right cheek was supposed to mean that the woman in question was married, while a patch near the mouth meant the woman was flirtatious!



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