6 amusement parks, abandoned and mysterious


Do you know there are several amusement parks in various parts of the globe that are abandoned now?

Of course, you are aware of Wonderland, supposed to be a huge Chinese Disneyland, but which has never welcomed its guests. Another example is Marineland of the Pacific in Los Angeles, a theme park constructed as the Sea World. But it has been also abandoned since 1987 and was replaced by a new-built resort in 2007.

But let us show you some more abandoned amusement parks. You will be delighted, we promise!

1.Okpo Land (Geoje Island, South Korea)

Okpo Land operated till 1999, when a fatal derailed-cart incident happened with a girl. It was the second fatal accident whilst the first one concerned a roller coaster and occurred a few years before. The owner of the park shifted somewhere to avoid punishment and the park never functioned again.

Wikipedia says the park is going to be replaced by a hotel the construction of which began in 2011 by demolishing the all park remains.


2.Joyland (Wichita, Kansas)

Joyland was run by a family since 1949. However, in 2004 the family went almost bankrupt and had to close the park. Two years later they tried to relaunch their Joyland but in 2007 it was closed, again and forever.

Now the park is abandoned and almost destroyed by numerous vandals. They ruined the administration offices and start a fire in the maintenance building. However, you can search on YouTube to watch the park at its best.



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