7 Astonishing Wedding Places In the World

Love is stronger than anything else! A great feeling and a desire to remember the wedding day for life prompts couples to marry while standing on an airplane or come up with other crazy ideas. A paradise for the creative people! When a couple is deeply in love, their wedding location can be very unexpected. Looking to get married at a donuts shop? Maybe you like another weird idea? In any case, today we will tell you about 7 unusual places for a wedding!

San Francisco Golden Gate

The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco is truly magnificent at sunset! This picturesque romantic moment – the bride and groom are getting wed near the bridge and arrange a photo session in the rays of the setting sun against the background of one of the most beautiful bridges in the USA as if blazing with heat and illuminated with gold. It is very popular to hold weddings here. Besides, you get magical photos, filled with love, happiness, and the most realistic natural magic.

Scotland the Tree House

Even if you are quite indifferent to trees and nature, getting married in a treehouse is a very romantic option. Located on the shores of beautiful Loch Goyle in Scotland, The Lodge is a treehouse spacious enough to accommodate a close circle of guests.

England Wookey Hole Caves

One of the most striking natural attractions in Somerset, England, Wookey Hole Caves is home to a variety of displays and exhibitions with the latest lighting systems. Therefore, just imagine you in the arms of your beloved person, a transparent river, and extraordinary lights around you. You feel the power of nature and, of course, dizzying happiness! We also recommend wearing something warm as the temperature here does not rise above 10 degrees.

Italy La Fenice Opera House


Venice is a place where you never know where a dream ends, and history begins. You can’t tell the difference between real and imagined. This is a Mecca for romantics, people striving for beauty and harmony, adventurism, and everything non-standard. Therefore, it is very popular to celebrate weddings here. Everywhere. And if you want to do it at La Fenice Opera House, you will never forget it!

Canada Hotel de Glace

For those who like the cartoon “Frozen” or are familiar with the fairy tale The Snow Queen, there is no better place for a wedding than the Hôtel de Glace in Quebec. It uses over 500 tons of ice and 15,000 tons of snow to decorate, and the walls are covered with original artwork and ice block furniture. The only thing that warms up in the ice is the love of the bride and groom, as well as champagne!

The USA The Titanic Museum


Many brides and grooms dream of celebrating a wedding, stylized as the love story of the main characters of the movie Titanic. The reason for that are beautiful moments in the film that can be used as ideas for a wedding photoshoot. Go to Tennessee because this is where one of the most unusual museums in the world is located! The museum building itself is a smaller, but still a huge copy of the legendary ship.

South Africa Ulusaba

A wedding in South Africa is not just a journey; it is the best gift that people in love can give each other. Here nature itself lives in harmony and love; the amazing beauty of African landscapes is perfectly complemented by a variety of fauna. This extraordinary Ulusaba Reserve is one of the unique vacation spots. The colorful atmosphere will take you to the world of wildlife and safari. You ‘ll answer “I do” in the wilderness and energy. Sounds magical!



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7 Astonishing Wedding Places In the World

Love is stronger than anything else! A great feeling and a desire to remember the wedding day for life prompts couples to marry while...


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