A Small List Ex-Girlfriends of Leonardo DiCaprio

We know this great actor for many great things, but the main is his acting career and his talent, he is one of the most famous movie stars. But another interesting thing is his impressive list of women he dated. DiCaprio had paired with some of the most beautiful women in the world.

Bridget Hall and Leonardo DiCaprio

This is a very tall blonde girl. She is 181 cm tall, was a great model in 1991, he was one of the best models, as Forbes said back in the 1990s.

Bridget Hall Bio and Leonardo DiCaprio:

He had a lot of different relationships. Some lasted long. Some were incredibly fast ending. This one ended sadly fast.

Kelly Rohrbach and Leonardo DiCaprio

Kelly Rohrbach started her career as an actress, nothing famous, but then he becomes a model and gets a lot of popularity in that business.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Kelly Rohrbach Bio:

The first time she played the role of DJ Parker, remade film Baywatch, in the original version Pamela Anderson played this role.

Bar Refaeli and Leonardo Dicaprio

This is another model from Israel, but now she is working in TV-shows as host. She was the most paid model in Israel in 2012 and was in some high-quality tops of models.

Camella Morrone and Leonardo DiCaprio

This is one of the very last girlfriends of our actor, they have a huge difference in their age, 22 years, but that did not stop them from dating, she is the daughter of another popular model. She started as a model, but now she wants to improve her self in acting and becoming a film star. Last time she played in a movie starring Bruce Willis.

Nina Ag dale and Leonardo DiCaprio

She is a Danish model from Denmark, she loved to swim, when she was young, but became a swimsuit model.

Laura Whimoore and Leonardo DiCaprio

This television entrepreneur and TV host from Ireland also is an actress. Interesting fact, she is not a model and has never been here, so this is a rare thing for this list. She started her career with two TV shows, Island of Love and Are you a celebrity? Prove it! Everything was on the MTV channel.

Victoria Le Robinson and Leonardo DiCaprio

She was a model from one popular brand, the same as with Camella Morrone. They had a bug gap between their ages, 22, and 40.

Georgia Fowler and Leonardo Dicaprio

This model started her career when she was very young, just in 11 years! She was born in New Zealand, and now she is one of Victoria’s Secret angels, the basically great result on a modeling career. Now she wants to become a host of TV-show called the project run of New Zealand.

Naomi Campbel and Leonardo DiCaprio

One of the most popular and tagged models for more than 20 years, from 1980 to 2000, is from England and connects both acting and business. She was much more popular than the two first models on our list.

Kristina Zang and Leonardo DiCaprio

That was his very young love, they were dating about a year, just before the film which gave him amazing boost and popularity all around the world — Titanic. So they ended their relationships, just before his huge jump in Hollywood. She was both how you could understand the model and actress.

Helena Christensen and Leonardo DiCaprio

This is a very popular model from Denmark, but she is also popular for her photos, designers’ skills, and just entrepreneurs. She became Miss Universe of Denmark in 1985.

Eva Herigova and Leonardo DiCaprio

She started his modeling career at the age of 16. She had Italian and Czech roots and became very popular during modeling as a bra model.

And this is not all the list, we shared just some of them, but you’re understanding his taste – the most beautiful models and actresses.



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A Small List Ex-Girlfriends of Leonardo DiCaprio

We know this great actor for many great things, but the main is his acting career and his talent, he is one of the...

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