Adele Is Remodelling Her Whole Life

If we were to choose the best female artist in the UK, Adele would be on top of the list of contenders. She is very talented and released an enormous number of hits that all ruled the charts of the UK pop-scene. What about her personal life? Is it just as colorful, interesting, and successful as her professional life? Well, not exactly.

Adele was living together with her beloved boyfriend Simon Konecki and raising their son Angelo just a couple of years ago. They were a very quiet couple residing in a relatively small mansion in Blighty. They went shopping and attended huge ceremonies. However, the lifestyle Adele chose for herself is far from what we are used to seeing from celebrities.

When she married Simon, she decided to dedicate her life to her family and has been constantly reminding everyone that she is mostly a stay-at-home mom with all the privileges and responsibilities that the title imposes on the carrier. Instead of renting a place to live, the legendary singer decided to buy a house close to mansions belonging to her close friends Jennifer Lawrence and Katy Perry. Everything looked really great for the couple and Adele herself. However, dream-like stories rarely turn out to be true. In the beginning of 2018, the rumors that the couple was living separately started sprouting all over the internet.

Simon also appeared alone on the BRIT Awards making a statement of sorts that the couple was having a tough period. During the happy-couple period, Adele suddenly decided to change her life completely, dropped a massive amount of weight, and started working towards a better self with the constant support from her besties Lawrence and Emma Stone. Then, rumors about her dating a UK artist Joseph Adenuga began appearing here and there.

However, the conclusion of the story was her statement that she made when she turned 31 in May of 2019. She said that the previous year was one of the hardest in her life and that she had to go through a bunch of changes. She believes that trying times were a great experience and she now lives alone with her son Angelo and wants to focus on raising him properly.



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