Aimee Osbourne Is in Hospital For an Emergency Surgery

The daughter of Ozzy Osbourne was rushed to the local hospital after complaining about sharp pains in the abdomen. She is now recovering after a surgery on her appendix. Her parents had to abandon all their plans to support their daughter.

Ozzy Osbourn was undergoing treatment for his Parkinson’s while his wife stayed close to their daughter. When Aimee was admitted to the hospital, both parents decided to stay closer. 

Usually, this procedure is not something to worry about. However, the current coronavirus pandemic makes every visit to the hospital a very risky endeavor as many hospitals are overwhelmed by hundreds of COVID-19 patients. All non-essential surgeries and procedures are now postponed. Coming for an invasive procedure at a time like this is very concerning.

The Osbourne family stated that this is the worst moment to get in the hospital. At the same time, Sharon Osbourne stressed that their situation is much better compared to what many people have to go through amidst the pandemic.

She also told the press that Parkinson’s treatment for her husband was scheduled for the second week of April in Switzerland. However, the travel restrictions forced them to cancel the trip. She said that during the pandemic they are all trying to do everything that other people do: stay together, be quiet, and wait for the end of the current crisis.

The whole family urged others to stay home and do whatever they can to stop the spread of the virus in the UK and the world. Aimee, before being admitted to the hospital, also expressed how bad she feels during these trying times as she is not able to see her parents.



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