Amber Gill Joins the Ranks of Tone-Deaf Celebrities

The winner Love Island is very young (she is 21) and has a huge Instagram following. However, she is definitely not the brightest of celebrities which is a hard title to get as we see more and more stars making outlandish, tasteless statements and releasing videos of them doing crazy stuff in isolation.

Amber Gill did not do anything that would make people doubt her sanity. However, many fans called her recent attention-seeking trick “out-of-touch” considering the timing.

The celebrity posted a picture of herself enjoying the sunlight. Then, she proceeded to say that she is really angry that she is missing her 5th holiday due to the travel restrictions and quarantine imposed by the government in response to the deadly SARS Cov-2 pandemic affecting the whole world. The sad emoji finalizing the caption for the picture put the last nail in the coffin.

Fans immediately started criticizing her for tasteless posts. People were saying that she is out of touch with reality and many pointed out that there are literally thousands of people who would like an opportunity to casually stroll outside let alone be on a vacation.

Amber did not hold back her attitude and told the commentators that she is happy that she is not posting too much as people are too quick to jump to conclusions. She also stated that she is not focusing on the haters and just wanted to point them out. 



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