Amy Hart of Love Island Admits She Had Sex with a Guy from Celebs Go Dating

When it comes to reality shows, no amount of drama and heat is enough. Amy Hart decided to make things spicier and told a story about her “steamy” sex night with Kurt on the show Celebs Go Dating. When she was asked about the details of the evening, Amy did not hold back and told everything!

According to the reality star, the evening started with dinner and some wine glasses. However, it quickly turned into a make-out session on the table. She had such a great time with her date that she invited him to her room and after a couple of glasses of wine they decided to spend the night together. Anna Williamson who acts as a dating advisor on the show was very curious about additional details and asked whether they had sex.

Amy did not hold back any emotions and happily announced that they had sex. They even shortly discussed how he left the room with a sense of pride and accomplishment. Amy is constantly in the center of attention of the viewers of the show due to her being very active in smooching guys left and right. Just before she was paired with Curtis, she already has been caught making out with Lachian.

It is quite an interesting development since she has a reputation of a girl that does not get lucky in romance. On Love Island, she was slightly more successful. All in all, the current season of the show presented by Anna Williamson continues to be very entertaining!



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