Ant McPatrlin and Lisa Armstrong Are Finally Divorced

The pair of Ant Mcartlin and Lisa Armstrong, both big celebrities in the UK, have been involved in a public drama revolving around their divorce. The story started in 2017 when the couple announced about splitting. 

The pair has been in legal negotiations for a long time and tried to reach a conclusion several times. However, the finalization of the deal came into effect only recently, in January. Both Ant and Lisa told various outlets that their relationships during the negotiations period deteriorated to the point where they couldn’t even interact normally.

During that period, the pair would just start an argument if there was no one else present to stop them. One of the biggest factors that allowed the couple to somewhat heal their broken relationship is the shared custody of their dog that they both love very much.

When meeting to take care of their dog, they would communicate normally. However, many suspect that the final nail in the deal was what actually allowed these two people to start interacting normally. There was nothing to argue over anymore.

The deal results are as follows: Lisa receives £31 million out of £50 million fortune of Ant. 

Whether this particular situation will affect the future relationship between the two is not really a big deal anymore. Ant is already engaged in a relationship with Anne-Marie Corbett. Recently, the TV star has been working hard to finish a couple of episodes of his show since the epidemic in the UK is forcing the government to react and close down some of the facilities.

Ant said that he wanted many people to have something to watch during the lockdown.



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