Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas Started Quarantine Romance During the Pandemic

Self-isolation during the coronavirus pandemic became a real stay-alive test for somebody due to the inability to go to public places, meet friends and lead a usual lifestyle; for others, it was almost a gift of fate. Thus, according to an insider, Ana de Armas and Ben Affleck (Deep Water 2020), whose romance has recently become known, enjoy their fresh romantic relationship.

Let’s recall, the romantic relationship between our today’s heroes became known in March of this year. Only recently have fans seen couples photos on the Internet, taken during their vacation in Cuba and Costa Rica.

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Their relationship seems very serious. During the pandemic, they even were self-isolated in Ben’s house. Nevertheless, they went out every day for walks and since both had even two good reasons. Our couple was walking their dogs: Ben’s German Shepherd and the tiny Ana’s pet Elvis. Moreover, the couple always looked very happy, drank coffee, and constantly laughed. These two seem to be doing very well! Even despite a large amount of time spent together, their relationship is developing quite successfully. Ana and Ben are always seen together, whether it is walking with dogs, going to the store, or riding motorbikes.

And the actor finally looks happy! The ever-present reporters and commentators on social networks have already noticed that with the appearance of Ana in the actor’s life, a smile returned to his face. And after all, the actor was often blamed for the sad expression on his face during his interviews.

Ben and Anna aren’t a bit shy to demonstrate their relationship. For example, Ana recently turned 32. She posted photos from the celebration of her 32nd birthday on the Instagram page, which was April 30. Ben, of course, was also there. He gently hugs and kisses Ana in these photos (so sweet!). Fans couldn’t help but notice that de Armas’s private life has now improved, and she looks very happy.


Light speed relationship is about them! Affleck has introduced Ana to the main people in his life! We are, of course, talking about his children Violet Serafina and Samuel. They even become good friends. Anna likes to spend time with Ben’s children – told the insider. She is working hard to get to know them.


According to foreign press insiders, Ben has been wanting to introduce Ana to his children for a long time and discussed this issue in advance with his ex-wife, who gave the go-ahead. The heirs of the actor quickly became friends with Ana, and they already have common jokes.

The relationship Ben and Ana have become even deeper. The lovers decided to escape from Los Angeles and took the heirs of the actor – 14-year-old Violet and 8-year-old Samuel with them. Together with ex-wife Jennifer Garner, Ben also brings up 11-year-old Serafina, who wasn’t in the photos. On June 15, the couple was captured with Affleck’s mother, who met them from a private jet.

In addition to tender romantic feelings, actors also share a common outlook on life issues. They appeared for the Black Lives Matter movement together. Lovers joined the crowd of protesters: the actor held posters, calling for the preservation of the First Baptist Church in the area of ​​Venice Beach, which is now planned to be pulled down. The actor’s girlfriend followed him in a protective mask.

Do you remember how in February, Afleck shared in his interview for Good Morning America that he was ready for a serious relationship? The actor told them he would like to have a deep and meaningful relationship, trust, and dedication. Just in time! A tender relationship during quarantine is something that can save the souls of two people.



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