Billie Eilish Appears Half-Naked and Say Something Important

Billie Eilish is famous not only because of her fantastic voice and significant meaning of her songs but for her type of clothes, which she loves wearing. We usually see her wearing big, oversize clothes, which all look like bags on her; everything is oversized on several sizes.

She is often seen wearing clothing that is not only baggy on her but obviously quite a few sizes too big.

Why does she wear this type of clothes?

As you probably know, most of all women singers always wear something very sexy, open, and always mark their sexuality to bring them more popularity and show their sexy bodies. Sometimes we see not real singing stars but stars because of their behavior and how sexy they look like. So Billie Eilish did the best thing; people did not know her body type. They did not sexualize her, so everyone rated only her singing skills and her beautiful voice.

No More Body-Shaming

Now Billie Eilish decided to make crucial action. She got half naked for all the haters who shamed her for her clothes’ style for her body. Everyone was shocked because everyone saw that she has a perfect sexy body, and she could play on it, like all other singing stars, but she did not. This video also includes her speech about how bad is body shaming and any shaming. Is it a good way to show or not? We do not know, but still, this is perfect way and a brave act from one of the most popular singers in 2019.



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