Brad Pitt Girlfriend Finally Revealed – Here She Is

Whenever some rumors are surfacing about Brad Pitt, people start buzzing, especially when it comes down to who is he really dating.

We all want to know about his new girlfriend or wife about his ex-wife or ex-girlfriend. One press journal saw Brad Pitt at a music concert with a mystery woman in Los Angeles. Everyone said that this is his new love, after hard separation from great star marriage with Angelina Jolie. Finally, this woman was identified, but who are they actually, pare or friends?

That was a music concert called Thundercat concert in Los Angeles, he came there without attracting attention, but still, some people saw him with a mystery woman, which no one could not determine. She had short hair. They stayed at a full concert together. An interesting thing he was not only one star at this musical concert, but they’re also were 2 Dollar sign and Ariana Grande. Fans were trying to identify for a long time, who was she, who is the new woman of amazing Brad Pitt. 

But after everything ended not that interesting, now we know, that was just his good friend, Alia Shawkat. They were seen together before, too, so that’s not actually a big secret. It was just a problem with identifying her. They spend a lot of time together, going to the concert, museums, TV-show, stand-ups and a lot of related fun content. Because of that, while they spend a lot of time together, it’s straightforward to create rumors about them as a love pare. 

Brad Pitt is still officially alone after a great 10 years marriage with Angelina Jolie. They ended their relationship in 2016, more than 4 years ago. As you all remember, they have a lot of money and kids related problems with the divorce process.

As his manager’s reports, Brad Pitt and Shawkat are not together; they are not dating; they are just good friends.

Another interesting rumor is about his connection with his first wife — Jennifer Aniston, some things say there are some changes about them. Probably they can be together in the future, but now this is all about rumors. Anyway, we can’t now any 100% information, because Brad Pitt does make any comments about his private life.



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