Catherine Tyldesley Accuses Chinese People of Coronavirus Outbreak

There is nothing more important than staying cold-headed during times like these. Recent speculations of experts are scary, to say the least. Some specialists say that we have never been closer to an actual world war as China, Iran, Russia, the UK, and the US participate in a game of finger-pointing.

Well, the message is definitely not clear for Catherine Tyldesley who recently made a dangerous statement saying that Chinese people should have eaten beloved by many westerners cheese sandwiches to allow the world to avoid the pandemic.

Catherine has an alter-ego Olga Keff. As of right now, she uses it to make short comedic clips for her audience on Instagram. Olga Keff is usually making something food-related. This time, she was teaching the audience how to make a delicious yet simple cheese sandwich. While putting an example together, she told the audience that we would have avoided this “mess” if Chinese people stuck to eating cheese sandwiches.

Making such statements is a questionable decision especially on social media where public backlash can be swift and hard-hitting. It seems that Catherine managed to avoid a big scandal. Hopefully, the world simply won’t notice it at all.

The novel SARS Cov-2 coronavirus is still being researched by scientists across the globe. One of the possible ways the virus made its way to humans is through bats that usually carry the virus. There are many more speculations in regard to the origins of the current superbug. However, we won’t know for sure. Probably, ever.



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