Crazy hotels you can choose to stay in around the world

1. Book and bed (Tokyo, Japan)

If you are booklover and your dream has always been to fall asleep inside a place full of books, Book and Bed would be the place you should head out to. This Tokyo-based hotel has a wide array of books, and you can make yourself comfortable in this cozy little place and enjoy reading as much as you like – before you fall asleep! The cost of staying in this hotel is around $40 for one night.

2. Norrqvarn hotell and konferens (Lysterstad, Sweden)

If you’re a forest-lover and always wanted to stay in a tree-house-like accommodation, this mushroom-styled hotel might just be the thing you were looking for. Located in Lysterstad in Sweden, this place has rooms that are shaped in the form of red-capped mushrooms. Or, if you’re not really a mushroom lover, you can opt for the good old tree slump, instead!



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