Daniel Dae Kim of Lost Has Recovered from Coronavirus, Talks about a Perspective Drug

One of the biggest stars of Lost and Hawaii 5-0 Daniel Dae Kim was one of the first cases of SARS Cov-2 infections amongst celebrities. After being tested positive he went to the hospital with nasal congestion. Thankfully, the disease was soon gone and the actor recovered.

After the recovery, the actor decided to talk to his fans via Instagram and talk about how he was fighting the virus. He told his audience that his trusted doctor told him to use a “drug cocktail” that had many supplements and an antimalarial drug called Hydroxychloroquine. Daniel told his viewers that the use of this particular drug was crucial for his quick recovery.

Alongside Hydroxychlorochine, the actor also took Tamiflu, Azithromycin, and Glycopyrrolate. During his speech, the actor strongly expressed the notion that he is not a doctor himself and that he only followed the instruction of a trusted professional. These instructions were also provided to him on an individual basis and may not work for everyone. He also stated that his speedy recovery was due to early treatment.

Daniel expressed his relief over the fact that he was not amongst the unlucky 20% of people who require hospitalization after getting COVID-19. Obviously, fans were more than happy to hear from their dear actor and sent him messages of support and gratitude.

We must note that Hydroxychlorochine is indeed undergoing clinical tests in several countries. So far, the results of the testing were contradictory. The consensus in regards to the therapy using the drug is not yet reached. Also, there is a fish cleaning drug used in aquariums which is virtually the same thing chemically. However, it is all about taking the right amount of the drug. A couple who used the fish tank version of the chemical died. Be careful and wish good health to Daniel Dae Kim!



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