Denise Richards Tells a Horror Story of a Flight Back to Homeland

Denise Richards has been quite active and appeared in multiple TV shows. She was invited to be a part of a Medieval drama that was shooting in Europe. However, the coronavirus outbreak delayed the shooting process and eventually led to the cancellation of the production for an unknown period of time.

Denise decided to get back home as quickly as possible. The problem was that the air travel was already in a chaotic state as Europe started the series of lockdowns and many airline operators had to cancel flights in order to comply with quarantine protocols.

Richards recalls that the whole experience of getting a simple flight back to the homeland was like a dream and felt “surreal” with many delays and plane switches. Denise told a certain publication that the whole trip took two days. She had to travel to London and then to LA where she had to undergo screening and only then was allowed to go home.

The actress stressed that CDC was checking all arriving passengers and that it was a simple procedure. All people were tested for temperature and had to go through a long queue before being allowed to leave the premises of the airport.

During the flight to London, the crew learned about the lockdown in the UK. It was very worrying for Denise as she did not know what the crew was supposed to do in a situation like that. Luckily, she landed in the London airport and was allowed to continue her journey to LA. 

The actress also stated that she informed her children (aged 16 and 14) that the coronavirus is not something that we should panic about. The whole world is dealing with the crisis and many nations are struggling. However, the actress reassured her family that they will get through the pandemic just fine.

It is important to note that the crisis does not show any signs of stopping soon. The number of cases keeps growing at an alarming pace and many European countries are already locked down. There are countries like India, Brazil, UAE, and many others that consider the possibility of a full nation-wide lockdown.



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