Facts About Ellen You Didn’t Know

Ellen is running her TV-show for more than 30 years, actually half of her life. Through years, she got millions of fans of all ages. Some people basically grew up on her shows. She started her career as a comedian, working on her stand-up and her tv-series. Her most popular show is The Ellen DeGeneres Show, a night show where she invites different guests and makes a show or small interviews with them. She is one of the most popular stars on television in the US. But the thing is that celebrities that you see on TV and in real life are different people. In this article, we want to cover some things about Ellen DeGeneres, which you probably do not know.

We bet you do not know her real age

You can often meet the situation when stars lie about their age or just do not want to say it. The barely opposite situation with Ellen DeGeneres, she never hid her age, but no one believes her. Now her age is 62. She was 60 in 2018. And everyone every year on her birthday is shocked, how can someone look so good and young? As she said, her secret is smiling and laughing, do that every day, and you will be young forever.

She hates dancing, any kind of it

She is an amazing person, which can do a lot of things on cameras, a lot of things connected with television, such as acting, hosting, singing, making jokes, but only one thing, that she will never do(and please do not ask her to do that) is dancing. She made a dance only once as part of a joke. No one cant ask her for a little dance, at least.

Ellen’s is much richer than you think

Everyone understands that she is wealthy. But do you know how much is she rich? Forbes can help us with that. At the end of 2019, her total wealth was 330 million the United States dollars, a huge amount of money, and this amount of wealth she is on number 62 in the list of self-made women in 2019 in the United States of America. She got around 88 million USD in 2018. You can find Reese Witherspoon (#76 with 241 million USD) and history-making athlete Serena Williams (#81 with 224 million USD) in this list. As she once said, she was really poor when she was young, but now she is super-rich. This number is not shocking. She’s working in the industry for a long time, and now she hosts one of the most popular shows in the United States of America, which easily brings her a lot of money, nothing surprising. Nowadays, stars from TV earn huge amounts of money.

Yes, Ellen DeGeneres uses profanity

Remember, someone on TV and someone at home or in a simple life are different persons. Same with Ellen DeGeneres, as she’s working on the show, and this show is family-friendly, so can you watch it with your kids, with the whole family. She can’t say any rude words on the show and discuss such related themes. She needs to control everything she says, but she can tell everything she wants in home life. She is the same person as we, so she uses profanity or bad language. Sometimes, when this bad word is needed for the joke, she allows you to understand it yourself. She is a really professional host.

Does poker bring out her temper?

From some stories, we know that Ellen DeGeneres love playing poker, actually a lot of rich and famous people love this game because you need to have a lot of money to play it. But the most interesting thing that Ellen DeGeneres is playing very seriously and sometimes, she brings out her temper, she can be very dark and rude. She did not comment that, but probably this is true. Poker is a dark and sad game sometimes, so it can open the temper of the people.



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