Famous People Diet And Fitness Transformation Achievements

1. 60 pounds off from Rosie O’Donnell

In 2012, when Rose had a heart attack, her doctor warned she can die if another one strikes her. Weight loss was the best pro-active measure for such a disaster. So, in the next year, she went into a gastric bypass surgery. It did a good job for Rose, but she worked hard keeping a diet and exercising to achieve even greater results. By now she is 177 lbs in contrast to 237 lbs in 2012. And this is not the end.


2. 20 pounds off from Queen Latifah

You may think such charming Queen Latifah doesn’t need to do anything with her weight. Everyone adored her in her precious though not-so-perfect shapes. However, she felt she needed to drop about 10 percent of her weight for her health sake. So, she has undertaken a great few-month wellness journey. Due to a well-balanced diet and workout program, she managed to lose 20 pounds.



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