Famous Persons You Didn’t Expect Are Homosexual


We like to discuss celebrities’ works. But their private lives are what we are really interested in. And, no wonder, we always chase for the details of their love affairs. We want to know who their partners are! Just recently you may be shocked when you discover an actor has passion in another actor, an actress is dating a woman and so on. But nowadays homosexuality has already become an ordinary phenomenon and our attitude to homo-oriented persons shall not differ from an attitude to heterosexual ones.


  1. Ian McKellen is the one who prefers a man as his partner. His sexual orientation has been formed a long ago. At times when to be different was against the law, he kept his secret for himself. But then the legislation changed. So, in 2010 he openly demonstrated his right to be different. Well, we should admit, his difference doesn’t make his acting poor or unconvincing. Recall, for example, his Gandalf role.



2. Can you ever think Raven, The Cosby Show’ actress, is a lesbian? Of course, no one knew about the real sexual interests of this star in the 90s, when they broadcast the show. And, of course, no one knew about this when she was acting for the Disney Channel. But she already had her gay orientation when she came to The Cosby Show because she discovered this side of her when she was just 12 years old.



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