Ferne McCann Said She Was Robbed of a Joyful Pregnancy

The story of Ferne McCann was one of those horror episodes that we sometimes observe unfolding in real life. The star of TOWIE was and still is considered a beautiful woman and seemingly had everything a lady can dream of: a loyal boyfriend, a career of a showbiz star, and a huge following of dedicated fans.

Her then-boyfriend Arthur Collins was arrested over an acid attack. It was soon revealed that Collins was indeed the perpetrator of a horrible crime involving acid. He was promptly sentenced for 20 years in jail and became an epicenter of public hatred for quite a while.

Obviously, Ferne McCann immediately broke all ties with him. However, she also learned at the time that she was pregnant with her daughter Sunday. During one of her interviews for the Happy Mum, Happy Baby podcast, she stated that she felt robbed of a normal pregnancy. Ferne also said that she was more than just delighted to discover her pregnancy and looked forward to being a happy mum.

In the podcast, Ferne said that she also felt jealous of many other women who had their significant others to help during that happy yet very trying time of pregnancy. The whole story came to light after Ferne started dating Albie Gibbs. 

Now, the TOWIE star is happy with her little child and even took her to a celebration of the birthday of one of Albie’s relatives. It seems that after a very strange and life-changing situation involving public scrutiny and dealing with the fallout of dating a criminal, Ferne is happier than ever!



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