George Alagiah of BBC News Announces He Has Coronavirus and Cancer

In a short video, George Alagiah told his followers that he was tested positive for coronavirus. The shocking and saddening news is even harder to just accept due to other health issues that George has. He is currently recovering from his recent battle against bowel cancer that was positively concluded in 2014.

The beloved news reader shocked many by announcing that he tested positive. Thankfully, he added that he is feeling well currently. He said that if he beat cancer and can live with it, he can definitely beat COVID-19. While fans are not convinced by his optimism, seeing that he is strong and feeling well is more than encouraging in these trying times.

The problem is not only his recent battle against cancer but age. Alagiah is 64 which means that he is the group of the risk just due to his age. On the other hand, he expressed faith that he has some edge over the virus since he has been living with cancer for a very long time. Note that he did not that he has any biological advantage. He just said that people who know what it is like to live without knowing what will happen tomorrow easier adjust to such sudden news.

He shared with his colleagues that he experienced a lot of pain and discomfort while fighting cancer and stated that he is sure he can live with SARS Cov-2. Alagiah also said that his wife experienced some mild symptoms of the disease. However, both are now feeling well and seem to be on their way to full recovery. Hopefully, nothing bad happens to George and his wife!



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