Harry Redknapp Got Caught Red Handed: He Does Not Like Being Isolated

Harry Redknapp is not a big celebrity but he is also constantly in the public eye and has to be creative to simultaneously attract attention to his persona and also make some freedom for himself. Amidst the coronavirus crisis, the latter should not be a big concern for any celebrity. On the contrary, many people believe that stars should act as role models and encourage others to stay home.

Harry wanted to be a role model and decided to post a picture of himself sitting at the table in isolation and eating some haphazardly made food complaining that he was not able to treat his lovely wife to a dinner in a fine restaurant.

Everything looked fine to the fans who enjoyed a good message from one of the most renowned football managers in the world. However, many immediately noticed that his romantic endeavor is not really something that was on the mind of Harry. He had his phone on the table despite having a strict no-phone rule for every evening when he was out with his wife.

It seems that self-isolation puts pressure even on the best of us. On the other hand, there are some fans that would not call this man the best of human beings. Harry Redknapp had to avoid the attention from society after participating in a fake fundraising for a charity that never existed. Having any negative attention at the moment is certainly not something that Harry would want to have



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