How Can You Spend Coronavirus Lockdown Depression-Free (Round 2)

Experts want to help us prevent any depression during this quarantine or the one that may occur this autumn. Coronavirus spreading affected many spheres of our basic life, including our physical and mental health. Now all parts of our lives are changed. 

Some doctors report that in this situation, for some people, there is a big chance of anxiety, depression, and other mental health-related illnesses. 

During this form of life, many people say that they feel bad; it’s hard for them to stay at home, do not meet their friends, and do not do basic staff. In the case of that, they just sleep more, eat more, do some not important staff like watching TV-shows, everything can affect their mental health. Many of them feel pessimistic, have a bad mood, think about bad things, feel depresses, and hopeless. This is mostly hard for people who need a lot of communications during normal life, even in the age of internet and video calls, some people can’t cover their need through the internet.

The best thing now is to find hope, maybe it sounds impossible, but it is easy actually. The first thing that you need to understand that lockdown and quarantine helps. Everything will end in the future. Now you just need to find any hope, better try to do something useful and valuable for yourself. Read books, learn something new like new languages or new skills, do sports, and improve yourself. 

All of these will help stay in a good mood, and after quarantine, you will be a new person with new skills. Also, always do it with a schedule, not like today that, and tomorrow another thing. Maybe you can’t meet with friends, but you can make calls or video calls, it is so easy to do that in 2020. You need to be ready when lockdown ends to dive into normal life.



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