Johnny Depp Is Still in Trouble as Evidence about His Feud with Amber Heard Keeps Pouring in

Johnny Depp is one of those scandalous stars that remain in the spotlight either due to their talent or their really weird and eccentric lives. Recently, the world was shook by the loudness of the divorce between the star of Pirates of the Caribbean and Fantastic Beasts and his now ex-wife Amber Heard famous for her recent appearances in the DCEU.

During the latest hearing, the judge heard a story how Johnny Depp tore apart the nightgown of his wife and tried to sexually assault her. During the struggle he allegedly cut off the tip of his finger. Amber Heard then attacked him and put a burning cigarette to his face. One piece of evidence was a text message that the actor sent to his doctor asking about what to do with a cut on his finger.

It all happened in late March of 2015. In the text, the actor said that he didn’t know what to do with the cut and that he did not want to go to the hospital. At the same time, he also expressed his embarrassment and told the doctor that he should not have engaged in a fight with his then-wife Amber.

In the courtroom, one of Depp’s lawyers was absent due to self-isolation protocol over the coronavirus outbreak. The actor right now is staying in France while his ex-wife is currently in LA. While both want to get over with the case as soon as possible, the judge is not enthusiastic about having a room full of people amidst the scariest pandemic humanity has ever seen.

Amber Heard’s lawyer told the court that during the physical struggle that happened on March 15, 2015, Depp grabbed his wife by the neck and forced her against the fridge while calling her names and inappropriately touching her. Later on, the actor apologized and said that he was sorry. However, the legal representative Wolanski on behalf of Ms. Heard also added that Depp was blaming the “monster” within for his actions.

It seems that the story is far from being ended and we will need more information about the couple before we can come to a conclusion. The fans have been siding with Amber Heard. Then, after the release of the infamous audio recording in which she mocked and humiliated Depp, the same army of fans suddenly switched sides. Now, the tides may turn once again.



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