Kim Kardashian Promises to Change Drastically after the Quarantine Ends

It is hard to find a celebrity that has been changing more dramatically and radically than Kim Kardashian. Her appearance was always sparking a lot of conversations within the fandom. The celebrity is dealing with the coronavirus quarantine just like everyone else. However, she already said that she is eagerly waiting for the end of the isolation period.

To be more specific, she stated that she is bored with her current outlook and would like to shake things a bit. It is hard to visit a hairdresser and a stylist amidst the coronavirus outbreak that has been affecting the lives of literally billions of people all across the globe. Nevertheless, the star has some plans and she decided to share them with her followers on Instagram.

First and foremost, she decided to post a picture of herself with blonde hair. She stated that she misses that look and will go to the hairdresser in the “real world” as soon as possible. She indeed looked gorgeous with shiny platinum hair falling on her shoulders in 2017. 

She said that her hair actually had an opportunity to recover from constant dying. The coronavirus quarantine has been more than just inconvenient to many yet finding good even in the worst scenarios is actually quite commendable. Kim said that she has been taking care of her hair and that she will be ready to dye her hair blonde again.

The comment section exploded with encouraging posts and many fans noted that she looked really well with blonde hair. The reaction from fans is more than understandable. The toll of isolation is quite large. Many did not expect that it would be so boring and anxious to sit inside their four walls for an extended period of time. Some entertainment from their favorite celebrities is welcome.

As a side note, Kim Kardashian recently donated $1M to coronavirus relief efforts. However, she was met with some criticism as many pointed out that she tried to promote her business simultaneously unlike some other stars and celebrities that donated money without promoting anything.



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