Kim Kardashian Talks Her Butt and Whether It Is Fake or Not

Kim is famous for her back part. There is no denying that she has been on the public radar for many reasons and her glorious butt is but one of them. However, the rumors about her shapes are still not calming down.

The star of the reality show Keeping Up With The Kardashians was always surrounded by rumors that her round butt is full of implants. However, she always rejected them and even had a video with a doctor who explained why her butt does not have any implants.

Empirical evidence aside, Kim always tried to calm down her fans and convince them that she has never needed the implants in the first place. Recently, she stated that the root of the rumors is in a very simple phenomenon: the desire of fans to bunch all stars together.

Kim said that people simply believe that since all Hollywood stars decided to get plastic surgery to look younger, it means that all celebrities are doing the same. One of the most famous episodes of the internet rumor spreading happened when two photographs of the star appeared online.

Kim said that she saw these two pictures. In one, she was wearing a bright blue dress. In another, she was depicted walking down the street with Robertson. The pictures had a visible indent on her butt cheek. People started saying that it was proof that she had implants.

As the celebrity said later on, the explanation is quite simple: she has been treating psoriasis and received a couple of cortisone shots. She also told that one of her neighbors was a dermatologist and he performed the shots while saying that there is a tiny chance that she will have an indent on her butt cheek. 

According to Kim, the whole rumor is nothing but just that — a rumor. Her butt is a glorious result of natural selection!



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