Kristen Bell is Ready to Bite Through the Throat of Her Husband

Sadly, the news cycle does not have anything else but coronavirus-related news. The current pandemic is dominating the news cycle. However, some levity is necessary even amongst the pandemic that is currently ravaging the world. The only way to avoid anxiety induced by this superbug is to distract yourself from bad thoughts.

On the side note, there are many studies that indicate that this pandemic will result in a bunch of divorces. The statistics of Wuhan show it. Many people forced to stay together in a small apartment constantly fight and do not have any cool-down periods to just relax and collect their thoughts before starting additional rounds.

Kristen Bell is one of the examples of people trapped in a situation like this. She said that she is forced to stay in isolation with her husband Dax Shepard. 

In a short video stream, she said that while they have been on good terms with children and their friends, they have been fighting a lot. Dax mentioned that his wife has a couple of character defects explaining why they have been fighting. 

The couple has been together for 6 years now. They are a nice pair and have made some very good decisions during this pandemic. They own several properties in LA and allow tenants to live without worrying about rent during the pandemic. 

As of right now, the couple is spending more time than ever in a confined place. Kristen should definitely focus less on her relationship with family and more on her upcoming appearances on Gossip Girls in the nearest future. The show is rumored to be ready before the end of this year. It will be streamed on HBO MAX.

Exhausting strength on creativity instead of fighting with a spouse is a much more effective way of getting through the quarantine.



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