Kylie Jenner Makes Provoking Photos and Posts Them Online

Our beloved idols definitely know how to make us all happier in these trying times. While it is not always jokes and fun, there are many celebs that are just doing what they always do even amidst the pandemic. Honestly, that is something that we should encourage. Instead of singing songs together or spreading misinformation, they should be doing what Kylie Jenner did recently.

Kylie has a massive Instagram following of 168 million people and she uses it to the fullest. Just like everyone else, she has been spending time in self-isolation. However, she was simultaneously preparing a surprise for her loyal audience. 

Her latest photoset is sexy and daring. She is wearing a tight bodysuit while standing against the textured wall holding her hair in the air. A sight to behold! 

Her no-so-innocent photos are not the only effort from her to fight the novel coronavirus. The billionaire star also donated $1M to support the battle and make the lives of frontline NHS specialists a little bit easier. Her factory that produces cosmetics will soon switch to manufacturing alcohol-based hand sanitizers. 

It was also noticed by her fans that her products will not be shipping for a while. As many businesses in California are forced to close due to the quarantine measures, Kylie Jenner’s businesses are also suffering. Nevertheless, the young entrepreneur and the star of the KUWTK reality show is making what she can to help relieve the pressure from the pandemic.

A generous business lady and a hot woman entertaining her fans with some steamy pics? More of that, please!



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