Meals that Even McDonald’s Employees Don’t Want to Eat

We made a list of meals, which McDonald workers do not want to eat. We collected this information from the former workers, who told their experience working in McDonald’s. In this list, we will talk about meals, that are not that good or meals which cooked not like you think they were made. And of course, everyone decides by himself to eat something or not eat. Our work is just to show this information and share it with you. Remember an important thing, McDonald is one big franchise, so in some restaurants, meals can bet better, in some worse.

Chicken nuggets

Number one meal from surveys, what not to eat in McDonald is chicken mac nuggets. I think many of you have heard about some problems with them, actually the base thing about nuggets itself, usually they made not from the real meat, often this is just something that remained after real meat, basically meat waste, but not in all situations of course, but remember nuggets is not 100% meat. Many former workers say that nuggets can be prepared 1-2 days ago, and now they just need to be cooked to be hot, employees just need to warm up them. So better to ask fresh and new nuggets during payment, you will lose some time, but get 100% fresh meal.

Any drinks or meals from MacDonald machines

The main problem with these machines is that cleaning them is tough work. You need to disassemble it, clean, and then collect it again. It sounds pretty hard, so for most restaurants, it is easier to don’t that or rarely do it. Of course, it depends on the person of each restraint, but usually, it takes more than half of an hour to clean a single machine. It would be best if you remembered that all drinks in these machines are not like in the shops, it’s a mix of special syrup and water. Better and cheaper to buy your favorite soda drink in the market.


First of all this dish has the same problem as nuggets have, this is not the real fish, of course, it contains fish, but the percent of it, in some restaurants are really small. Another problem is that we are talking about fish, fish need to be fresh or frozen at least, and sometimes the staff does not control that properly. Ingredients can lie several days before they will be used to create this meal. We know this from the words of some former workers. Also, some of the reports that it’s hard to make these burgers accurately, some people do not like that. But still the main problem — the freshness of the fish ingredients.

Smoothies, milkshakes, and sodas

The same problem as with machines before, sometimes they are dirty, and you will not get a good drink, better not to buy any milkshakes, smoothies, and sodas. If you want to buy a milkshake, better go to specialized milkshake café because they will clean machines every day 100%, they have enough time for that, unlike McDonald’s workers. When you buy any of these drinks at McDonald’s, they can be bad, just because the machine was not cleaned.

McFlurry and the soft serve

Same problem again, the probably main problem of all fast-food restaurants. This is all about cleaning. Same with other machines, the ice-cream machine does not clean properly and does not clean every day. There was a scandal, when a former employee of McDonald’s, shared a photo of uncleaned machine, everyone was shocked, the condition was so bad, that directors needed to solve this problem fast At that moment. But they can’t control everything, managers at local restaurants cant control everything too. It’s a long way of problems with fast food. Everything needs to be fast and easy. There is no real time for cleaning.



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