Meghan Markle’s Deleted Instagram — What We Miss

1. We Followed Her Fitness Regime

Between lifestyle blog, The Tig, and Meghan’s Instagram account, fans were able to look into Meghan’s life — fitness routines included. Whether it be pilates or yoga, Meghan shared regular photos of her fitness regime for her followers. In this post, she shows off her form with longtime friend and celebrity stylist, Jessica Mulroney. One has to wonder if Meghan has the same workout routine in the middle of her busy royal schedule.


2. We Saw Meghan’s Eating Habits

Meghan’s fitness regime was just one of the many things from her daily life we got to see on her deleted Instagram. The Duchess updated her Instagram with shots of her daily meals, whether it be showcasing popular eateries or trying out a recipe. This post focused on a fresh, home-made green juice and a link to a companion post on The Tig, where followers could join her in making the same juice. We have never been more jealous of a cute pup.


3. We Had Her Beauty Routine

Meghan’s deleted Instagram also provided a glimpse into her beauty routine. This post gave followers insight to her go-to products: bronzer, blush, and the makings for her signature smokey eye look.


4. We Got Personal With Meghan

The best part of Meghan’s deleted Instagram was that it was her personal one. Meghan fans were able to connect with her on a more personal level, especially with handwritten notes like these. Fans can still see glimpses of her calligraphy and handwritten notes, such as her recent note to Luminary Bakery thanking them for their charity work.


5. We Had Meghan, Unfiltered

Above all, fans really miss Meghan being able to just be herself on social media. With criticisms heavy and taking over headlines, Meghan has scaled back on personal posts and updates. We most likely will not get to see updates on Meghan’s favorite wine or cocktails any time soon.



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