Molly Mae Continues Pleasing Her Fans During the Self-Isolation Period

While some Instagram influencers continue going out and spending time outside despite receiving heavy criticism for doing so, there are some celebrities and influencers who appear to be a little bit more sensible. Molly Mae is one of such examples. 

Recently, the famous ex-star of Love Island started to bring joy to her fans as she is forced to stay home during the coronavirus outbreak. To keep spirits high, she started talking about various remedies and cosmetics that she has been using recently. Obviously, it is all about squeezing in some more advertisements for brands, but the desire of the celebrity to stay indoors and encourage her fans to do the same is commendable regardless of the motivation.

In her recent Instagram story, she told her fans that she is spending time indoors by reorganizing her stash of lipsticks, lotions, and creams that have been chaotically stored in her closet. She also informed her followers that she was able to stock up some food that would last for a long time as well as some other supplies for a long quarantine.

Molly did not stop at reorganizing her cosmetics. She spent a lot of time getting her clothes in order and getting rid of the mess that her wardrobe had become prior to the pandemic. 

It seems that many celebrities are actually following the quarantine protocols and staying indoors while continuing to live full lives. For example, Taylor Swift is spending more time with her cat. Lady Gaga also has a nice company of her dogs.



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