One in a Million: 9 Celebs Protected by the Most Attractive Bodyguards

Of course, being a celebrity might seem really cool! You are famous, you are noticed everywhere, praised and loved, everyone knows you. But there is a dark side of the picture. Constant criticism from haters, and almost complete absence of personal life as well. Another drawback, celebrities cannot secretly spend their weekend or even kiss their soulmate privately. Celebs are hunted by paparazzi on a regular basis and may even be stalked. To be a celebrity means to be often in danger. Not surprisingly, many of them have bodyguards. This person must necessarily be athletic and strong, but what about appearance? You know, there is a possibility that the bodyguard’s appearance is also important (we have such a guesswork). Today we will introduce you to the celebs who hired very attractive bodyguards.

1. Karl Lagerfeld

Sebastien Jondeau was the assistant and bodyguard of Karl Lagerfeld for 20 years. A famous designer met Jondeau in the 90s. In 1998, Lagerfeld gave him the position of a personal bodyguard, and later entrusted him with acting as an assistant and even offered to take part in Chanel shows. Of course, his bodyguard looked like a real supermodel!

2. Adele

As soon as Adele introduced her new bodyguard to the public, all fans instantly fell in love with him. Her hero is a guy from the Netherlands, Peter van der Veen. After the first appearance in public, the tabloids immediately called the guy a “hot bodyguard.” Well, quite reasonably, I would say.

3. Daniel Radcliffe


The handsome, tall blond bodyguard who accompanies the famous wizard everywhere really attracts attention! Of course, Daniel Radcliffe’s bodyguard overshadowed the celebrity in every sense. Next to this tall man, our Harry Potter can simply not be noticed. The situation looks like a caring and attractive father took a teenage son for a walk.

4. Katy Perry

If you want to hire a bodyguard who looks like a popular celebrity, here we go! Katy Perry’s bodyguard is a very handsome athletic man who is relentlessly following the celebrity and looks like young Hugh Jackman!

5. Jennifer Lawrence


Stylish, sporty, courageous man will come to rescue you in any situation. Need some help with bags from the store, or need a dog-walker in the morning? Meet that perfect man! His name is Greg Lenz, and he was once the personal bodyguard of Jennifer Lawrence. Public even thought that the actress had an affair with her guard – the relationship between them was too close.

6. Kylie Jenner

Jenner fans suspected her of cheating on Travis Scott. The reason for suspicion was the pic of her daughter, which Kylie posts in social networks. Public says baby Stormy doesn’t really look like her dad. But with the bodyguard Chung – as like two peas!

7. Selena Gomez

We know that Selena is protected by several bodyguards. However, it seems to us that she liked this one the most. You know, we agree, just look at him!

8. Kristen Stewart

If someone needs protection from the paparazzi, he should take a closer look at Kristen Stewart’s bodyguard. More often than other colleagues, he fights off photographers and Kristen Stewart’s fans. However, no one is upset that he always takes half the space: Still, Kristen hired a handsome man.

9. Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga also had a very handsome bodyguard. At this moment, the man changed his position. Now Peter protects Adele.



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