One of The Biggest Feuds in The Recent Times: Taylor VS Kanye

As more and more news is coming about the recently released full recording of the conversation between Taylor Swift and Kanye West, it may be a good idea to recap some of the things that led to this whole situation. Do you remember the 2009 MTV VMA? Both Kanye and Taylor surely remember.

What happened back then is Taylor was presented with an award. During the ceremony and when Taylor just wanted to make her speech, Kanye suddenly jumped on the stage, took her microphone and started talking about how Beyonce’s music video was better. During his tantrum, Taylor Swift, aged 17 at the time, was left to experience a very embarrassing moment.

When the rapper took the mic, he also said that he will allow her to continue. Well, at least he tried to be courteous even when he humiliated his fellow artist receiving one of the first big awards in her life.

Over the course of the next several weeks, Kanye apologized and said that the moment was dictated by alcohol and sincerity. Later, he even publicly apologized and said that it was rude to do what he did during the award ceremony. It happened when the rapper was invited to Ellen’s show. At some point, Kanye called Taylor Swift and made an apology that she eventually accepted.

However, it seemed that Taylor did not really forget the pain and embarrassment. In 2010, she released a song called “Innocent” where she alluded to the situation that happened during the MTV award ceremony. This or something else made Kanye take back his apology years later as he said that the apology was made due to pressure from his peers.

It all eventually led to the drama with the song called “Famous” in which Kanye calls Taylor “bi**h” and forces a new wave of scandalous accusations and heat between the artists. However, this time Kim Kardashian, famous for her love for drama, was involved. What happens next in this drama? We still have to wait to know!



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