Piers Morgan Is Not Holding Back: Slams Celebrities for Being Dumb

If there is one quality of humanity that the coronavirus outbreak highlights, it is definitely our stupidity. Collectively, we allowed one of the worst pandemic to happen by not only believing in China and allowing it to spread misinformation at the beginning of this crisis but also by completely disregarding the warnings from experts.

Even today, many people are engaging in social activities and leave their homes to attend huge parties despite what the authorities are telling them to do: exactly the opposite. Well, not only us, mere mortals, but also the celebrities are being a little bit “weird” during the isolation period.

From the outlandish home video from Madonna in which she is sitting butt-naked in her bath and sharing her philosophical ramblings about equality to “Imagine” badly performed by celebrities who can’t really sing, the media landscape has been filling with bizarre things that celebrities have been doing during the pandemic.

Piers Morgan who has been one of the biggest critics of the governments that failed to respond to the coronavirus crisis slammed “dim-wits” and called many celebrities morons. He wrote in Daily Mail that the current virus is bringing both the best and worst in all of us. He accused many stars of using the horrific situation we find ourselves in to gain personal advantages, spread more fake information, and express their total deafness to taste and tone.

First of all, he criticized Madonna for making a video from her multi million mansion sitting in a bath and surrounded by aromatic candles that might have cost more than several dozens of meals for NHS workers who are currently fighting the pandemic in first rows. 

He then moved on to talk about Idris Elba whose decision to test for coronavirus was both criticized and praised by the public. While some supported him and his family, many people were disturbed by the fact that rich and famous receive tests much earlier than other people. Piers did not miss his opportunity to point out exactly that.

The article also mentions Cardi B whose publicly available opinion of the coronavirus is that it is just a hoax and Sam Smith who posted his meltdown during the self-isolation period. Piers also mentioned Drake for his seemingly innocent Instagram post in which he highlighted his personal basketball court which will help him deal with the self-isolation period.

There are many celebrities that did not avoid the wrath of Piers Morgan who definitely tried his best to show how the coronavirus is making celebrities behave abnormally and often even harm their followers with misinformation.




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