Pink Will Home-School Her Children During Self-Isolation

It is very interesting how coronavirus affects the lives of celebrities. While many are having mental breakdowns and posting weird Instagram stories with questionable content, good girls like Pink are thinking about the future of their children and do not want to leave them uneducated even when the world is succumbing to the pandemic.

It is impossible to avoid some Instagram fame. Pink has a massive following of 7.5 million people on the platform. She recently decided to address them with a short live stream during which she greeted everyone and shared how she plans to spend the period of self-isolation.

The mother of two and the creator of many pop hits told her followers that she created a schedule for her family. The schedule pinned to the fridge was a colorful and organized mess with many lines of text that resembled a timetable. The resemblance soon was confirmed. It was a timetable that she made together with her children.

Pink is very much interested in making the best possible schedule for her children. They wake up at 9 AM, do some physical activities, study, spend time engaging in creative endeavors, do the chores, and eat. In the evening, children are watching TV and have fun. Pink also asked her followers for some book recommendations as she wanted to read something cheerful together with children.

The singer then concluded the stream with wishes of love and saying that the quarantine should be taken seriously. She encouraged her followers to stay home.



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