Royal Relationship: 8 Celebrities Who Dated Royalty

Like a plot from a romantic movie. With one exception only: the main character isn’t just a simple girl but a real celebrity. Can you imagine dating a king or queen? Of course, this doesn’t occur very often, but when a celebrity starts dating royalty, the whole world immediately buzzes about it. Do you know those lucky guys? There are just a few of them, some even married royalty! So let’s get acquainted with these lucky ones!

8. Ellie Goulding

As you know, before marrying Megan, Prince Harry was known for his bachelor habits. He was once even suspected of having an affair with the famous singer Ellie Goulding. However, these rumors were never confirmed. All the rumors were written off a strong friendship and nothing more. Today, these two are happily married to other people, with which we sincerely congratulate them!

7. Gwyneth Paltrow

This beautiful blonde, at the time, was also seen as a heroine of a romantic novel together with Spain’s Felipe VI. However, the rumors remained nothing more than just rumors. The singer herself did not confirm or refute them, which allowed the media to make their guesses. It is highly likely that there was something more between young people!

6. Meghan Markle

Many of us know Meghan Markle as the wife of that very Prince Harry. However, do you remember that Megan is also a very popular actress? You probably could have seen her in the famous American drama series Suits. The prince and actress met each other on a blind date; they were introduced by a mutual friend. Only a month later, the couple was forced to officially confirm their relationship. At the moment, Megan and Harry can still be called the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, but now they are acting independently from the royal family.

5. Naomi Campbell

Among the former lovers of Naomi Campbell was the Prince of Monaco Albert II. Both of them did not take this affair very seriously – probably everyone understood that this relationship was unlikely to end in a wedding. Therefore, they still are good friends. Moreover, Campbell was even invited to the marriage of Albert II and Princess Charlene.


4. Olivia Wilde

In 2003, Olivia Wilde married Tao Ruspoli, the son of the real Italian prince Alessandro Ruspoli. “Royal marriage” lasted eight years, but the couple broke up. The blue-blood royalty was replaced by a regular guy Jason Sudeikis – it seems that not all the beauties like palaces!

3. Grace Kelly

Every girl dreams of meeting a prince. The beautiful actress Grace Kelly not only met and fell in love with the 33-year-old Prince of Monaco but also built a strong warm relationship with him. Their match was made in heaven. The girl completely abandoned the career of the actress, the family worried her much more than shooting movies.

2. Jamie Lee Curtis

American actress Jamie Lee Curtis and Christopher Guest got married in 1984, and have been together for over 30 years. The couple has two adopted children. Christopher Guest is a famous screenwriter, composer, and actor. And even though the title of a baron is the lowest rank in the British system, the titles of the baron and baroness give a special charm to the Hollywood couple.

1. Zsa Zsa Gabor

The last husband of the actress was Frederic Prinz von Anhalt. The couple got wed in 1986 and were together until the actress passed away in 2016 at the age of 99. Frederic von Anhalt, whose real name is Hans Georg Robert Lichtenberg, was adopted by the elderly German princess Marie Auguste von Anhalt.



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