Sanpaku Eyes are The Windows to the Soul

Even in ancient China, “reading” facial features was considered a reliable way to determine a person’s character. Not everyone knows that physiognomy was one of the most ancient Chinese professions. However, in our time, it has not received scientific confirmation, which put it on a par with esoteric directions, such as palmistry, astrology, fortune-telling in tarot, and other mantic systems, and this does not prevent its use in our time, as well as other methods.

It was believed that the eyes could determine the general condition of a person and the degree of consumption of his vital energy. To understand this, you need to consider what your sclera looks like – the white parts that are usually located on either side of the iris. Maybe you have this white part below or above your iris? “Sanpaku” is a Japanese term that translates to “three whites.” Sanpaku eyes show white space above or below the iris in addition to the white space to the left and right of it.

Under the iris

The sclera under the iris – the current imbalance of vital energy – appears as a result of work overload, a feeling of “pressure,” nervous tension, which causes a constant feeling of anxiety and panic attacks. Such people take everything to heart.


Above the iris

The sclera above the iris indicates a permanent imbalance of Fire. This is chronic anxiety, but unlike the first case, it doesn’t entail the risk of danger. Such people can be hysterical, take offense at all sorts of trifles, overly nervous.

Above and under the iris

The location of the sclera above and below the iris was considered a sign of genius or a madman. It means that the person is “burning to the full extent,” however, complete burnout is possible. An interesting fact, physiognomists studied the photographs of the terrorists. Scientists found out that most of them had sclera visible from three sides. This indicated a willingness to die and an enormous level of stress.

Stop and listen to yourself sometimes. Perhaps you should sharply press the stop button and slow down so as not to burn out. Less stress, clean hands, and of course, less internet!



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