Save these 10 everyday gadgets from hackers!

With the never-ending advancement in technology, new gadgets are being launched every day. They cover the fields of medical appliances, cars, security gadgets and guess what? Even toys are susceptible to being hacked! Most of the gadgets, which are prone to hacking are connected to the internet. Over one-third of Internet-connected gadgets are vulnerable to exploitation by hackers. These latest technology devices do make our lives simpler and easy, but will you opt for convenience and ease of living over your privacy and security? Watch out for these 15 everyday use gadgets, which are prone to hack attacks!



One of the most used gadgets is your computer or laptop. Almost all of us store important data on our PCs. This makes our computers one of the most common targets for hackers. As per the FBI, around $18 million were extorted by hackers by hacking the users’ PCs. Remember to always update your software and change your passwords regularly!




One of the most famous internet connected dolls was ‘My Friend Cayla’ in the United States. The creators said that it acted as the child’s interactive friend, who would keep their secrets. But according to German regulators, Cayla was created for spying on kids! The creep factor is that the doll projects targeted advertisements towards kids and also posed a massive threat to your privacy. The next time you are buying a toy for your kids, stick to the ones not connected to the internet!



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