Screen personalities with skin flashing habits

1.Kelly Brook

A dress by Julien Macdonald that Kelly Brook worn to participate in London’s premiere of Snatch was really impressive. And not due to it’s shimmering but because of how little of Kelly’s body it covered. Everyone could have the pleasure of witnessing Kelly’s back, sides, and even (though partly) posterior. Perhaps, we can recognize the neckline area to be the shyest part of her gown.

2.Christina Ricci

Sometimes Christina Ricci resembles a girl of a fairy tale that needed to be dressed but undressed. So do Christina Ricci in this pic. She wasn’t nude, but still, you could see every detail about her amazing breasts due to her nice gown. Really, why shouldn’t she expose her assets if she likes? Why not infatuate men and make women regret about their miserable bodies?



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