Sophie Turner Tells Evangeline Lilly to not “Be F***ing Stupid”

Coronavirus keeps destroying the lives and minds of people. Celebrities have been doing some really questionable things over the course of the pandemic and managed to either baffle some fans or outright anger others. We are living in crazy times and celebrities are definitely showing that they are the most insane amongst all of us.

Sophie Turner is known for her very sharp tongue when it comes to talking to her peers. Recently, she caught some fire and, to be completely honest support from fans, after saying to Evangeline Lilly to stop being “f-ing stupid” and self-isolate as many sane people do.

Evangeline Lilly expressed on her social media that her highest priority is freedom and being able to move around instead of self-isolating. Sophie Turner did not address the statement from Marvel’s Wasp, but the very mention of “freedom” was enough for many fans to come to conclusions. Sophie called the decision stupid and urged her fans to respect the quarantine and help in the global effort to stop the spread of the virus.

Some fans supported the notion from Turner since Evangeline actually posted a couple of badly received images of herself drinking tea in public and saying that she wants to take her kids to the playground. It all happened in the background of her recent statement that the current pandemic is nothing but a simple flu.

As countries all across the globe continue to shut down and enforce stricter and stricter rules in regards to the quarantine, the reaction from sensible fans cannot be more vivid. Many people called Lilly out in the comment section of her Instagram. However, the actress did not back down and said that the whole situation is too close to a martial law for her liking.

While fans kept slamming the star for her seemingly irresponsible behavior and bad example that she was making out of herself, Evangeline Lilly stated that some people simply value freedom over their lives. Well, it is also a very tasteless statement since many are quarantining themselves to not only avoid being infected but also to not infect others. Evangeline is also a proud mother of two which is very concerning.



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