Stacey Solomon Is Not Afraid to Show Her Untreated Legs

The star of X-Factor and Loose Women Stacey Solomon has been active on social media just like many of her colleagues. As the coronavirus continues ravaging the planet, many celebrities have to spend more time indoors than they are used to. For some, this period is akin to a punishment while others seem to be enjoying it.

Stacey is certainly among the latter group. Recently, she posted an Instagram story in which she bravely bragged about her unshaven legs. She is happy being just a home-staying mom and spending time with her numerous children.

The photo in the story depicts her laying in the bed and watching Clueless on her TV. She told her followers that she was treating herself to some team and daim while enjoying some relaxation from her busy schedule. The celebrity also interacted with some of her fans and wrote that she felt that there is enough kindness in the responses to stay strong amidst the epidemic.

Before going into quarantine, Stacey was admitted to the hospital with some suspicions that she contracted the infamous SARS Cov-2 virus. However, the worst suspicions were false. Nevertheless, the actress and singer decided to spend some time indoors and avoid any social interactions outside her family.

Many fans also praised the resourcefulness of the actress who decided to use refillable in her house. Some even asked if she knew about the coronavirus before anyone else had an opportunity to react. To that, the actress responded that she had refillable sanitizers and laundry chemicals way before the pandemic and that she is just that organized.



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