Strange Lost Worlds on Earth

What are the storage lost worlds in history?

From the possible site of the legendary Garden of Eden to an Island that may cover an alien base. Today, we will be looking at 12 most strange lost worlds on earth.

Strange Lost Worlds on Earth

Do you belong to the group of people who believe that there is nothing unexplored in this world of ours? Well, get ready to be surprised, because the world doesn’t cease to surprise us with its mysteries.
Follow me and be amazed by this out strange places you probably may not have heard of

1. Melville Range, Australia

Located on the eastern coast of the Cape York, Peninsula in Australia. In 2013, a biologist discovered a tropical forest that can only be reached by helicopter. On this amazing island was found an incredible species of animals which can not be located anywhere else in the world. An example of such is a gecko lizard with a leaf-like tail, the Cape Melville shade skink and the Blotched Boulder-frog.


2. Sima Humboldt, Venezuela

On a remote Plato in Venezuela are many tunnels, but the largest of these tunnels is Sima Humboldt, located on the summit of the plateau of Sarisariñama tepui in Bolívar State, Venezuela. This incredible sinkhole was only discovered in 1961 by pilot Harry Gibson.

However, it was first descended into in 1974 and more thoroughly explored in 1976. The nearly circular pitfalls to a depth of almost 314 meters (1,030 ft). It is so large that its ecosystem with many scientifically unknown plants has formed on its bottom, giving a mystical and Strange placement. This tunnel-like a lost world turned out to be on our planet.



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