Ten examples of how social media pics can fool everyone

1. Photos, which are careless to look at but risky to take

Sometimes, you look at the pictures and can’t get rid of a thought it fools you, don’t you? You are right, the Instagram pic can lie. And it does. For example, this pic shows a laughing and carefree person who almost fall down from this fortress loophole. However, taking such a photo and at such an angle is a risky adventure both for the person and the photographer.


2. No-sweat working out pics

Celebrities’ Instagram pics shot while they were working out could inspire you to do some exercises right now and right here, exhausting yourself with all this iron in the gym. Well, do this if you want to keep your body in good shape. But you will never get it as easy as those pics on social media want you to believe. Why? Just look at the celebrity pics. Do you see any sweat, wet disheveled hair, and tense faces? No, you don’t, because they are only pretending to work out while actually just posing.



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