The 6 Most Evil Real-Life Stepmothers


When you read a fairy tale with stepmother involved, you always feel sorry for these poor stepchildren who have to endure so much cruelty from their stepmother. Fortunately, real life gives us a lot of examples of stepmothers who really love and care for their stepkids. However, there are those who literally hate their stepchildren.

Here we collected 6 examples of evil stepmothers whose crimes against their stepdaughters or stepsons can break anyone’s heart.

1.Jessica Ann Cox

In 2013 the police imprisoned 39-year-old Jessica Ann Cox. She was the devil in the flesh when she treated her two teen-aged stepsons. She handcuffed and tormented them. Sometimes, she kept them hungry for days and punched them. To hurt the boys as much as she could, she used rolling pins, mallets, and other utensils. Not to mention her firing them with cigarettes and making them chilled in ice-filled bathtub without any clothes on them.



2. Tracey Wright

Tracey Wright, a 31-year-old stepmother, hated her preschool stepdaughter so much that she stopped feeding her. In addition, she regularly beat the girl extremely hard. As a result, the girl died. Tracey was put behind the bar for 15 years. But this could do little for this poor dead six-year-old girl.



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