The fashion of the past: funny and dangerous

1. The lotus shoes

Until 1912, Chinese girls had a common practice to bind their feet to prevent it from growing further. Those were the times when tiny feet were regarded as one of the most valuable woman qualities. And these were the shoes those girls wore. Made in the shape of a cone, the silk or cotton shoes resembled a lotus bud and fit girls’ feet shape completely. Now we could only regret how ugly their cone-shaped bare feet were and how much those girls suffered to achieve this beauty standard.


2. Fatal green dresses of the 19th century

Green dresses of unusual shade were very popular in the 19th century. The gown was extremely expensive and only rich women could afford it. But even they couldn’t afford to wear these green dresses casually. Fortunately, this fact did a good job for them as the color has its secret. The dye that produced such a wonderful shade contained arsenic and this caused lots of health issues to those who wore these dresses for a long time. The dress was fatal for the dressmakers!



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