The Mysterious Call With Taylor Swift, Kanye West, and Kim Kardashian

Four years after the infamous incident involving Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian, the tables are turning and Taylor may be vindicated. Internet trolls and even some fans of Taylor started demanding her to be “canceled” after Kim Kardashian made a couple of short recordings of the call between Kanye and Taylor public.

Name-calling and shocking accusations were thrown left and right. However, after years of slow-burn with sudden sparks, the scandal may bite Kim in the butt. A mysteriously leaked full recording of the call turned Taylor’s defensive claims sound very believable.

The whole drama started after Kanye called Taylor Swift a “bi**h” in one of his songs. However, Taylor did not give him permission to do so. Kim released a very short snippet in which it appears that the two discuss the lyrics of the song. Fans were furious because of false accusations thrown at Kanye.

After a year of avoiding the public eye, Taylor seemingly forgot about the feud. Surprisingly, the scandal may have some more powder in its belly since the fires started again when the full recording (25 minutes long) demonstrated that Kanye never discussed the lyrics with Taylor Swift at any point in the conversation.

Now, the fans are discussing the logistics of the leakage instead of talking about coronavirus. Amidst the global pandemic, only truly bad press can sway the news cycle towards something not related to the deadly SARS Cov-2 causing mayhem all over the planet. Some fans expressed their theories on Twitter accusing Kris Jenner of leaking the video.

Some people are believing that Kim Kardashian herself decided to leak the footage in order to switch the attention of the general public in her general direction.

This whole ordeal is happening in the background of another feud that Taylor Swift is having right now. Her record label owner recently changed to the infamous pair of Scooter and Borchetta. Taylor accused them of not allowing her to perform or re-record her songs. 

The vindication of one Taylor Swift will be a huge help in this trying period for the star. Receiving public support in this conflict is hugely important!



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